This [tag]baseball coaching practice[/tag] drill  will show players that they need to hit the man helping them to get the ball in to the infield.Baseball Coaching Practice

What you need – Have a man at shortstop, 2nd base, right and left field to do this drill.

How this drill works – When you teach this [tag]baseball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag], you will have to show the players when they are supposed to go to be the cutoff person and why it is important.   Illustrating this is important.   Show them that a younger player will have trouble getting the ball all of the way into the [tag]infield[/tag] by themselves, and that by having a player help them, they can get the ball in quicker and save some runs.

You can hit the ball to right field and instruct the 2nd baseman to go out to cutoff the ball.   The shortstop should be shown he or she should cover second base.   Likewise if the ball goes to left field, the shortstop should cut it off and the second base man should cover second.

Result – Your players will soon learn the value of using their teammates to get the ball in to the infield quicker with the cutoff man.