James, one of my subscribers, came up with these [tag]baseball coaching[/tag] suggestions. Keep “˜em coming!Baseball Coaching

From James”¦
I use a [tag]baseball drill[/tag] I call Rotational Infield.

You put a position player at all infield spots except pitcher.   No outfield.   All remaining players are behind the shortstop.

  • I hit a grounder to shortstop who throws to 1st base, 2nd basemen covers 2nd, 3rd basement covers third.
  • Shortstop follows throw and sprints to 1st base; 1st base throws ball to 2nd base and follows 2nd base.
  • 2nd base throws to 3rd base and follows to 3rd.
  • 3rd base throws to home and follows to catcher.
  • Catcher gives ball to [tag]baseball coach[/tag] and sprints to back of line behind shortstop.
  • Coach repeats to shortstop and [tag]baseball[/tag] drill continues.

I try to get them moving as fast as possible and still make good throws.   This gives players a chance at all positions and some conditioning work as well.