This idea for a baseball running drill isn’t from [tag]baseball coaching software[/tag].   It was sent to me by one of my readers, Ray.   I’ve copied here for you to use with your team for great results. Give it a try!Baseball Coaching Software

From Ray”¦
One of my newest   [tag]baseball[/tag] ideas /[tag]drills[/tag] is to work [tag]base running[/tag] while our [tag]pitchers[/tag] are working through warm ups at the mound.

I have 4 pitchers on my baseball team and after the whole team has gone through their [tag]warm up[/tag] session; stretch, lap around the outside of the field, and then warm up with the whole team working on their [tag]throwing[/tag], I then bring my pitchers out to the mound.   They have warmed up their arms for [tag]pitching[/tag] while the others were just throwing.

I then have each pitcher throw 5 to 6 pitches and then go to the next pitcher.   While doing this, I put 4 players on 1st, 2nd and 3rd base.   I have taught my players to start their base running motion as the pitcher starts his wind up so that when his right foot comes over, contacts the ground and pushes forward to lift his left foot off the bag, it all happens simultaneously so that the player leaves the bag hard and has not left too early.   We then rotate to the next player in line at that   base.

With young players this takes a few times through the drill so that they understand the advantage they have rather than waiting for the ball to be caught, then leave.   After each of the 4 players has run through this drill at the base, we rotate the groups to the next base.   It is important that all go through each base because you leave each base a little differently and the players need to work this so they are aware of how far to come off each bag, why not to turn their backs to the catcher, why they should be in foul territory when taking a leave at 3rd and why they should be certain they can see both the 2nd baseman and know where the SS is when they break at 2nd.

This drill, although simple, is very useful for game situations.   It makes the opposing [tag]defense[/tag] become aware of the fact that you and your team are here to play aggressively when on offense and with one miscue by the defense, you are one more base around the block.   This builds game savvy and confidence in all of your team players and coaches and quite often is the root cause for a lot of the wins we earn each year.   Aggressive base running.   It is an often overlooked and under coached part of the game.   Me, I tell my players at our 1st practice that we are going to be running, then we start.   And the pitchers get a great work out.   This drill can take 15 to 30 minutes depending on the intensity that you drill in to this piece.