[tag]Communication[/tag] is the most important part of [tag]baseball coaching strategies[/tag] for success.   From the very first practice you have with your team, you need to communicate your goals, plans, and [tag]expectations[/tag] for the season.Baseball Coaching Strategies  

Let your team know what you want them to accomplish, where you want them to go as a team, and how to give you what you expect from them.   They will disappoint you consistently if they never know how to make you happy.   Do not make them fail by not giving them the tools and information they need to succeed.

Develop several clear [tag]goals[/tag] for the [tag]baseball[/tag] season and discuss them at the beginning of the year.   Ask players what their personal goals are and how you can incorporate them into your goals for the team as a whole.  

Ask the players why they decided to play your sport, so that you have a better idea of why everyone is here.   Some players will only be there because their parents signed them up; others will want to play professional sports.   Still others are there to have fun.   Lastly, some might be there to get in shape because a doctor has warned about childhood obesity.  

It is your job to find out why your players are there and help them accomplish the goals they have individually.   Chances are, your players’ goals are going to be very diverse.