These are some [tag]baseball coaching tips[/tag] I picked up from two of my readers. They sent these to me and I’m passing them on to you.   Try them out with your team!Baseball Coaching Tips

From Brandon”¦
This [tag]drill[/tag] is more [tag]mental[/tag] than anything else.

Being that I am a high school [tag]baseball[/tag] [tag]coach[/tag], there are many days when the kids come to [tag]practice[/tag] with anything on their mind but practice. Everyday we meet before we start practice, and before we break, we as a team, including myself close our eyes and imagine a glass that has dirty water (signifying all our distractions of the day) and we don’t open our eyes until our glass has clean water only.

This has helped us as a team have much more intense and focused practice habits.

From Jim”¦
At the end of every practice I give each kid a practice itinerary for the next practice.   I tell each kid there will be a quiz at the beginning of the next practice about the itinerary.

During the practice I will ask different kids what the next drill is and what time we are going to begin that drill.   After a few practices I will pick kids randomly to demonstrate and run the drill.   This teaches mental involvement, awareness and requires active participation in each and every drill.   By mid season even the weaker players can demonstrate and run just about all of the [tag]drills[/tag].

This is a great way to keep the “daydreamers” from getting lost.   I hope this helps.