As a [tag]baseball coach[/tag], one of your goals is to teach your players how to focus as well as improve their endurance.   These [tag]baseball coaching tips[/tag] offer a variation on the tried and true Bucket Drill.

The [tag]baseball drill[/tag] goes like this:   2 baseball coaches- 1 at home and 1 at 2nd base.   Half of the kids make a line at 3rd and the other half at first.   Each coach has a bucket next to them. The first player at 3rd base moves out to shortstop position and gets a ball hit to him from the coach at home.   After he fields the [tag]baseball[/tag], he runs behind the coach hitting the balls at 2nd and drops his ball into the bucket, and continuing to run to the end of the line at first.

Simultaneously, the coach at 2nd is hittng the balls to the first person in line at first base who is standing between 1st home.   After he fields the ball, he drops it in the bucket behind home and gets into the line at third.   Each coach grabs the balls from the buckets.

Another twist is to have someone catching for each coach with each player fielding a ball, throwing it back to the spot it was hit from.