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From Joyce”¦
I have one, but I received this idea from somewhere else. I don’t remember where. It has been working pretty good for me though. It’s called framing the pitch.   It’s for a little more advanced [tag]baseball catcher[/tag], but the idea is placed on how to catch the pitch to make it appear as a strike, even when it’s not.

If a pitch comes in too high, turn the open part of the glove downwards so you are catching the top of the [tag]baseball[/tag]. This still gives the impression that the “ball” is still within the strike zone. Then if it’s too low, turn your glove upwards to catch the bottom of the ball. It’s the same for the inside pitch, turn the open part of the glove toward the batter to catch the right side of the ball, and if it’s an outside pitch, turn the open part of the glove away from the batter to catch the ball on the left side of the ball.

A lot of times the ump is looking at where the pitched ball is caught to determine if it’s a ball or strike, especially those “close ones”. Catching in this manner gives the appearance of catching the pitch within the strike zone, therefore more strikes are called.