Take a look at these submissions from Bill and from Michael.   Some great examples for [tag]baseball coaching tips[/tag] that can work with all age groups.Baseball Coaching Tips

From Bill”¦
Here’s a simple [tag]baseball[/tag] tip to help batters keep their eyes on the ball:

Take a bucket of baseballs (15-24) and divide them into three equal groups.   Draw and color in two medium sized triangles on opposite sides of the the ball in one third, cirlces on another third and leave the last third alone.   Or take it to the next level and use different colors for the same shapes.   Throw these during batting practice.   It’s amazing how quickly the batter learns to watch the ball.

I’ve also had some success using whiffle-like golf balls for soft toss.   Smaller target…more concentration.

From Michael”¦
We try improve our kids hitting by employing a hitting drill using little ping pong ball sized whiffle balls. A [tag]baseball coach[/tag] stands 15 feet from a batter and lobs the whiffle balls.

This [tag]baseball drill[/tag] teaches hand to eye coordination and helps improve batting skills.