Try these [tag]baseball coaching tips[/tag] to help you assess your players. As a new [tag]baseball[/tag] manager with a brand new group of kids I was trying to figure out positions that each child could play during the first couple of [tag]baseball practice[/tag]s.

I wanted to make practice fun but still be able to judge arm strength and velocity so I would know who could possibly pitch, make the long throw from 3rd to 1st and so on.

We call this [tag]baseball drill[/tag]–Hitting the Target.
Take 25-30 balls and throw them on the ground at short.   Set up a net at first base to catch the balls and line the players up in 2 lines.   The object is to be the team to get the most balls into the net.

Have the kids run up and grab the baseball with a bare hand and make a good throw to first.   I also used this as a skills practice by not using the gloves which causes the kids to charge the ball and pick it up with the throwing hand and make a good step and throw that was hard and accurate.

It’s a great competition for the kids while teaching them baseball fundamentals and also allowed me to figure out what kids could play certain positions.