Baseball Coaching TipsWhen I’m asked for good youth [tag]baseball coaching tips[/tag], I like to share one of my favorite [tag]baseball drills[/tag].   It is a [tag]fun baseball drill[/tag] for the entire team.   We call it “King of the Diamond.”

Split your team up into two.
1 team of (6) starts on the defense side. Everybody must play in the infield.   No catchers or pitchers, [tag]baseball coach[/tag]es can handle that.   2nd team of (6) starts on the offense.   Let the players make their own line up.

The objective of the game for the Defense:
Have the ball beat the runner home.   The defense must throw the [tag]baseball[/tag] and step on their base in this order, 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base then home.   If the ball beats the runner then the runner is out.   (Go through the entire line up of 6 players).

The objective of the game for the Offense:
Hit the ball hard then make it home before the ball.   Have the runners do their best to hit the inside corners of each base.   They are always going for home runs in this drill.

This drill works on throwing accuracy for the infielders and base running for the hitters.   It’s a drill of speed but you always have to remind the Defense that the ball will always beat the runners on good accurate throws.   This is a good way to end the last 20-30 minutes of practice.