As a [tag]baseball coach[/tag], I am always looking for ways to motivate my team. I wanted to do something encouraging and uplifting for the players. Try these [tag]baseball coaching tips[/tag] with your team.   They are simple AND very effective.

At [tag]baseball practice[/tag]   while we are in stretching circle, (which by the way each boy leads us in a stretch as a way to start practice) I mention each player by name, and he comes forward.   I specifically name what it was that they did from the previous week’s game , from striking out a batter, to getting hit by a ball, and getting right back out there.

I proceeded to give that player a roll of lifesavers. I noted something specific and well-executed each player on my team did at the [tag]baseball[/tag] game the previous week.   This was such a hit that I do it at every practice after our games (a different treat each week).

We always work on what needs work, but how great to acknowledge what went right.   It was a great morale booster.   We won that game, but won’t always, yet there will always be something positive to point out to the players.