Here are a couple of my favorite [tag]baseball coaching tips[/tag].   They emphasize ways to motivate, keep practices fun and how to be good sports no matter what the game outcome.

Occasionally the boys are really flat or distracted after a busy school day.   They are warming up throwing & missed balls start rolling everywhere.   Spur of the moment we created a competition using Starburst & Lifesaver candies to make most repetitive catches a competition.   They perked up, and started focusing on what they were doing just to get the small reward.

Save the reward system for when they really need it, but on a day with distractions or a lack of self-motivation, we are happy to get in a good workout.   Besides, if the coaches work hard, they get candy, too.

I am also a little surprised at some of the [tag]baseball[/tag] coaches from the other teams on how they don’t keep it to a fun experience for the players. Please keep the game fun for them. I like to say good try, not “you have to make that play”, when they make an error. They are trying to do the best they can. I also believe, teaching the kids to have good sportmanship is the best coaching anyone can do. Even when you shake the hands of the other team after a hard fought game. I would love to see our players be better losers and winners.