Try these [tag]baseball coaching tips[/tag] with your team.   I have used these often with my younger teams.   You’ll be amazed at the improvements in attitude, attention span and [tag]baseball[/tag] skills.

Motivational tip for throwing/pitching:
Give kids creative targets for throwing; treat it like a carnival game. We have used targets like stuffed animals sitting in lawn chairs, hula hoops, five gallon buckets etc. I find that it helps keep the kids motivated if they are picking off Winnie the Pooh. Also, they will really rear back and throw the ball instead of aiming it like a dart. We are able to keep kids chucking for 20 minutes and they want to keep going. Obviously, these are younger throwers.

After a few weeks of baseball training and drills with the team, I sit them down and ask “them” what they think are our weakest points and how to improve them.   I also like to let them help co-coach   when we go over the weak area of training or [tag]baseball drills[/tag].

This helps them to stay focused during the boring repetitions and help to keep an extra eye out for flaws that could otherwise go unnoticed.     It also gives the players a feeling of self reward when they can spot our “bad areas” that need improvement.

One of our best [tag]baseball drill[/tag]s has been putting my players in their positions on the field.   I use their parents as runners! Then I hit the ball to different positions forcing them to throw the runners out. They love it!