These [tag]baseball coaching tips[/tag] work well for any age you may be coaching. I work with 4 year olds and this [tag]baseball drill[/tag] is designed to help them out a bit– and another baseball coach uses the drill for his high school team!   One Step Back is universal drill that works for all ages.

One Step Back
Have each player stand about 4 feet apart-really close.
Have them toss the [tag]baseball[/tag] lightly to each other.
After 1 minute call out “One step back”. Each person takes one step back and they play at that distance. 1 minute- we call out “One Step Back”- until they are a good distance apart.

The little ones are afraid to throw it to each other and this helps them gain confidence as we had a lot of little ones rolling the balls to each other. We start with whiffle balls with the little kids and progressed to baseballs.

Here’s another fun youth [tag]baseball warm-up[/tag]:
Have the kids gather near the mound and tell them that they can only touch the ground with the body parts that I tell put (eg, 2 hands and a knee, butt only, head and one foot).

It works on balance and we laugh a lot!