One of my subscribers actually sent me these [tag]free baseball coaching tips[/tag] recently.   I’ve included them for you below.   Give them a try at your next [tag]baseball practice[/tag].Free Baseball Coaching Tips

From Valara”¦
I have two [tag]baseball[/tag] coaching tips for you.

1.   For pitchers to work on pivoting and stepping correctly I line them up and have them pretend they have a ball.   They start in their pitching stance and work on the pitching step and pivot from home plate to the fence and back.   If they are doing it correctly it will look like a snake in the ground.   If not it will be straight lines.   It is repetition for them and helpful to me as a [tag]baseball coach[/tag].

2.   Runner on 1st and 3rd.   If they catch on to us doing the fake throw to 2nd base, I have the short stop come up a little.   Then I have the catcher throw to short stop and then they can look at 3rd or throw back home to get the out there.   This works amazingly.   They think it is going to the pitcher because of shorter throw….sometimes we even get the out from home to 2nd as well.