Over the years I have collected some favorite [tag]baseball coaching tips[/tag].   These are all ideas that have been used successfully with my younger [tag]baseball[/tag] teams, and the kids ask for them.   If you can keep practices and coaching fun, you’ve done your job!

Situational practice
We have found that using situational drills has had the most impact on the quick decision making by my fielders. We usually have one of the baseball coaches hit and have a runner in different base scenarios.   This [tag]baseball drill[/tag] helps the kids respond to the “˜best’ out and not always going to first.

Fun – Base Race.
I usually end [tag]baseball practice[/tag] with the “˜Base Race’. Half the team on first base and half on third. They relay through and try to beat the other team.   We coach “˜rounding’ bases as they run and not skipping a base.

Fun – Mother-Son game.
I have always had an annual Mothers vs Sons game.   To keep it fair, we have an assistant do the pitching to both teams. It is amazing how competitive the moms are. They usually win.   It has become kind of a thank you to all the hard work the moms do behind the scenes for the team.