Special thanks to Tim for sending these [tag]baseball coaching tips[/tag] in.   If you’ve every struggled to teach the mental side of [tag]baseball[/tag] and the need for smart decision making, you must try this out!Baseball Coaching Tips

From Tom”¦
Mental sharpness drill on the [tag]baseball field[/tag].   I am not the [tag]baseball coach[/tag]; I just help when needed and help my 8 yr old son during the off seasons.

One thing I do is line up my 9 & under kids at second base. I will explain to them different situations and have them tell me what their options are. If they get it right they get to bat one extra time than those who do not get the situation correct. Talk about getting the game winning decisions!

This is really helping our baseball team make the smart decisions during play. I feel that the kids get a lot of the information sinking in to those thick skulls rather than yelling the information into their heads as with other coaches.

I often will have them demonstrate as well as explain their answers. Baseball is as mental as it is physical and we often forget that our youths need that extra classroom approach.