These are two of the many [tag]baseball coaching tips[/tag] I have collected over my [tag]baseball coaching[/tag] career.   Often it is the small details or the little tips that make practice more fun and effective.

One thing I love to do is soft toss and hitting off a tee with my teams. However hitting [tag]baseball[/tag]s into the fence can damage the fence, and many communities prohibit soft toss because of this reason. So I made a back stop out of a 5 x 4 cloth tarp that had grommet holes. I put S hooks and clips on the tarp so it can be hung on the fence at any field. The kids hit into the tarp and it reduces the damage to the fence. I use tennis balls and wiffle balls a lot now, and there is no damage to the fence!

Here is a pre-game [tag]baseball drill[/tag] that could also be used as a practice drill.   Get all the boys in big circle with their bats and then with 2 coaches in the middle throw golf ball size whiffles to them.   We have a few orange colored balls in addition to the white ones, and we call the orange balls “money balls.”   The boys love to hit them and really get a smile when they hit a “money ball.”