Try these [tag]baseball coaching tips[/tag] at your next [tag]baseball practice[/tag].   This is a [tag]baseball drill[/tag] that has works well with my players and helps them in their decisions to steal 3rd base.

The drill requires a pitcher, catcher, shortstop and 3rd baseman.   The remaining players line up on 2nd base and take their turn as a baserunner.   The pitcher pitches the ball and the baserunner takes a big lead.   The catcher then throws the ball back to the pitcher and the baserunner makes a decision to run back to 2nd base or steal 3rd base.   This has taught them how much of a lead they can take without getting thrown out in a game situation.

This [tag]baseball[/tag] drill teaches them to be more aggressive stealing bases in the game and also keeps my pitcher alert to the opposing baserunner’s positioning to steal.

We have had good results in games and my players have become more confident stealing 3rd base.