Steve, one of my readers, sent this one to me.   You won’t need a [tag]baseball coaching video[/tag] to figure this one out.   An excellent [tag]drill[/tag] that will certainly improve your team’s skills.   Give it a try.Baseball Coaching Video

From Steve”¦
Throw them out [tag]baseball[/tag] drill:

Center fielder, first baseman, [tag]catcher[/tag] and third baseman.
All other players line-up behind each position to rotate.
Fly ball is hit to the [tag]center fielder[/tag] who is to [tag]throw[/tag] the ball home. The [tag]first baseman[/tag] assumes the cut-off position and the catcher has to be vocal on lining him up and if they want the ball to be cut-off.
The throw is either cut-off and thrown home or to third or the throw goes through to the catcher. The catcher then throws to the third baseman.

Once the center fielder catches the ball, he rotates to the first baseman line. First baseman goes to catcher, catcher moves to third base, third base moves to center field.

This is a good drill on teaching the fundamentals of [tag]catching fly balls[/tag], lining up the cut-off and having accurate throws. By rotating positions, each player gets to understand the role of that position and keeps them moving.