This idea for [tag]baseball coaching[/tag] was sent to me by one of my readers, Steve. I’ve included it here for you to try with your team.  Baseball Coaching

From Steve”¦
My players love our one ball, two ball [tag]baseball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag].

Split your team so there are an even number at each base including home plate. Start at home and have one player [tag]throw[/tag] to 1B.   He then runs to 1B. Player receiving the ball throws to 2B.   He runs to 2B. Player at 2B throws to 3B, he runs to 3B.   Player at 3B throws home, he runs to home.   Continue to throw around the bases. Everyone stay in line at each base and jumps in when it becomes their turn.

To incorporate two balls, have one start at home and another at 2B. They start out [tag]throwing[/tag] at the same time and [tag]run[/tag] to the base they threw to and you keep going around the bases, though you have to quicken your run so you are ready to receive and throw the ball to the next base.   We set a timer for 1 minute.   With two balls they really have to hustle.   Great overall [tag]conditioning[/tag] drill as well!