With my team, I like to start every practice off with base running.   It gets them warmed up, and reinforces the habits of good base running. You can’t find better baseball conditioning exercises than this one!

Warm Up Practice Drill
We concentrate on the basics first, specifically things like running ALL THE WAY THROUGH first base. I watch for subtle things about their turns, their footwork, etc. If you practice Good Habits, they will be second nature when game time comes.

From there we move into game situations. We will practice 2 from my master list, until everyone understands and can execute it.

The next practice, we do the basics again, review the 2 from the last practice and then take a new one and work on that.

Base running is often times overlooked in lieu of other aspects of the game, but many times it is what wins or loses ballgames. By adding it into this spot in my practice schedule it not only ensures that we have reviewed and worked at them, but it stresses the importance of it to every player-as they know it is a priority.