There are a hundred different drills you can do with a running grid.   I am going to show you quite a few that you can incorporate into your practice plan right away!

In today’s video blog post, we are talking about some excellent running grid drills that really works your agility and coordination, while ensuring that proper running technique is maintained.

Running Grid Conditioning & Agility Drills

One Hole in a Running Format

  • First, pick out a focal point.
  • Placed one foot in one hole and get a good arm swing, while bringing the knees up
  • Remember to touch down light, and you want to avoid making contact with the grid whenever possible.

Two Feet, One Hole

  • Touch down twice in one grid and then move on to the next grid.
  • You’ve really got to get your knees up in order to do this or you’re going to miss hitting in the grid.
  • Next, take one step and elongate a little bit. You’re going to hit the one hole, the three hole, the five hole, and then move out of the grid. So you’re going to lengthen your stride and stay on the right side of the grid.
  • GAAgain, focus on getting the knees up, with stride elongated more like a normal run.

 Touch Down

  • This exercise allows us to use both sides of the grid
  • Touch down in the first grid with our right foot, and then you’re going to hit the next grid with your left foot.
  • Stay close to the center line, while focusing on good running technique.
  • Don’t get sloppy and start straggling all over the running grid – always stay close to the center line and pump the knees, staying light on the feet.

Duck Waddle

  • Take the right foot and step on the left side of the grid, and then you’re going to take the left foot up and step on the right side.
  • Stay very close to the center line, lifting at the knee.
  • Walk through this sequence one time and then you’re going to come back with a run.
  • The natural tendency is for people to swing out away from the center line – we don’t want to do that. If you get your knees up, you will be able to put them straight up and straight down. This requires some coordination and a little bit of agility. Especially if you raise the grid off the ground.


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