This is one of my favorite [tag]baseball conditioning[/tag] drills that works on throwing, teamwork and conditioning at the same time. It is a [tag]baseball drill[/tag] called “Around the Horn and Follow”.

1.   Split your team evenly at each of the 4 bases.
2.   Starting from home a [tag]baseball[/tag] is thrown to third base.
3. 3rd to 2nd, 2nd to 1st, 1st to home and repeat until you are back in your strating position.
4. After you throw the ball you spring to that base.
5.   We count number of balls not caught in the round and they have to do that many sprints during practice.
6. If they get 0 — the coaching staff does a sprint.
7. As a variation that puts a little pressure on–they can choose to try and better their score in a 2nd round.