This if one of the [tag]baseball drills[/tag] I start every practice with.   I call it the “4 Corners” drill.   It stresses making good accurate throws & tags and works on footwork for a force-out.   It works like this.

I time it as a way to get the players to get better and faster and helps to make it more fun.

1)   Have the team split up into equal groups and form a line at all the bases & home plate (usually 3 per base & home plate).
2)   The drill works with the [tag]baseball coach[/tag] standing on the pitcher’s mound.   He can follow the drill just by turning in circles making corrections &/or encouragement as the drill progresses
3)   Drill starts by coach throwing the ball to the first player in line @ 1st base & then starts timing.
4)   1st baseman holds the [tag]baseball[/tag] in throwing position and moves toward the pitchers circle while pretending to watch a potential runner on third.   When they get about halfway to the pitcher’s circle,   they throw the ball home, where the catcher puts down a tag and then throws to third base who puts down a tag.   3rd base throws to 2nd base & tags & throws to 1B where the 1st baseman practices receiving the ball in a good stretch toward the ball.

This continues until all the players have gone through the line at that base.   When the original 1st baseman gets the ball back he flips to the coach on the pitcher’s mound, who then tells them to rotate to the next base.

All the players then sprint to the next base, 1B to home, home to 3B, 3B to 2B, 2B to 1B & then the drill starts again and continues until all kids have completed their a turn at every base.   Once that it is done the coach stop the clock.

Try doing this under 4 minutes can be challenging.