Coaches are always searching for fresh ideas for [tag]baseball drills for fielding[/tag]. Here are a couple of suggestions to try with your teams.

Have two lines of fielders – one line at second base position, the other at short stop position.   Have a player on first and third to catch the throws.   There are two [tag]baseball coach[/tag]es at home plate – one hitting ground balls to the lines, the other catching the throws from the bases.Baseball Drills for Fielding

Hit a grounder to second base position and they throw to third base. Hit a grounder to short stop and they throw to first. The bases then throw it home. Players rotate to both lines then replace the bases. This [tag]baseball drill[/tag] is fast moving, working on fielding and throwing accuracy.

Cross fire
Used with 2 coaches and 2 buckets of [tag]baseball[/tag]s.
Split the team in half 1 line behind short and the other behind second, 2 coaches hit balls from home side by side to their line of players. They field and fire to 1st base to a bucket or garbage can. After they field they should sprint to the other line. You can count points for direct hits on the bucket to make it a game.