Special thanks to Paul for sending in this [tag]baseball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag].   If you’ve every struggled with fresh ideas for [tag]baseball drills for kids[/tag], you MUST try this out!Baseball Drills for Kids

From Paul”¦
It’s called the McDonald’s drill.   The kids really enjoy this part of practice.

Ok, we line all the kids around the perimeter of the [tag]infield[/tag].

The [tag]coach[/tag] is hitting ground balls to them one after the other from home plate. The kid has to field the ball and make the throw to 1st without error. The kid is allowed 3 errors, after he commits 3 errors there out of the game.

Last man standing is the winner. He can make an error [tag]fielding[/tag] or [tag]throwing[/tag]. The guy that plays 1st, has to make the throw to 3rd. “Any” bad throws in the infield is an error. After each round, the kid has to call out the number of errors they have committed. In later rounds you can hit hard [tag]grounders[/tag] to test them a bit, or test their range.

The last man standing wins a $5 McDonald’s gift certificate.

We have also called it the Potato Ole ~ (Taco John’s) game as well, because if a kid is scared of the ball and plays it off to the side and not get in front of it, we will yell OLE~!