These [tag]baseball drills for kids[/tag] are ones that I have used for years.   The [tag]baseball drill[/tag], Soft Toss, improves your player’s eye hand coordination and Power is excellent for batting form.

Soft toss:
I have found that instead of just throwing one ball at a time, that if we throw one [tag]baseball[/tag] on top of the other at the same time and then tell the player which ball to hit (top or bottom) ball, that hand/eye coordination is increased.
I also will take one ball and hold it above the players head (coaching 13 yr. olds). They will get in their “loaded” position and then I drop the ball at any given time. This seems to create “fast” hands and forces them to keep their hands inside the ball or “short” to the ball.

We take the tops of 5 tees out of the lower portion of the tee. We then placed “toilet plungers” (haha yeah, cheap toilet plungers) into the bottom part of the tee upside down. On the toilet plungers we place basketballs. (use old ones) Then practicing correct mechanics as we normally would off the tee, we just hit the basketballs into the nets.

This created good [tag]baseball hitting   form[/tag] when making contact with the ball because of the weight they had to hit off the tee. It also created a strong swing while maintaining good mechanics.