Here are two of my most popular baseball drills for kids. The focus with each one of these is to develop fundamental skills while teaching your players a love for the game. Don’t forget to leave a comment below this article. You can let me know what you think of these, and share some of your favorite drills with our community too!

Kids Baseball Drill #1: Throwing Stations

The purpose of this drill is to work on catching and throwing. This is also a good conditioning drill.

How it Works:

  1. This drill is works best when it’s run with 8-12 players. You might want to run this drill with your position players while you run a separate drill for pitchers.
  2. This drill begins with a player at each base and at home plate. The ball begins at home plate.throwing stations drill
  3. The player at home fires the ball to second base and then runs to first base.
  4. The player at second fires the ball to first and then runs to third base.
  5. The player at first throws the ball to third and then runs to second base.
  6. The player at third throws home and then runs to home.
  7. The next players in line continue the drill the same way. The drill continues until the coach stops it.

Coaching Points:

  • The coach should make sure all players are catching with two hands. Players should also throw the ball accurately and catch the ball.
  • Players need to transition from catching the ball to throwing the ball smoothly. Coaches also need to make sure the players’ footwork is solid. This is a great drill to use to help reinforce how to throw using the crow-hop.
  • Make sure the kids are running hard from position to position, and you’ll also get a conditioning benefit from this drill.

Kids Baseball Drill #2: Throw Them Out

This drill practices baserunning and it also helps outfielders practice throwing runners out who try to score and who try to tag to third base.

How it Works:

  1. For this drill you need outfielders in right field, a catcher, a cutoff, and a few base runners on second base.
  2. The coach will stand at home plate and hit the ball to the first person in line in left field. The first person in line at second base will be the base runner. If the ball is caught by the left fielder then the base runner should tag to third. If the ball drops or is on the ground then the base runner should try to score.
  3. throw them out drillThe cutoff should try to line-up between the left fielder and the catcher or between the left fielder and third base (if it’s a fly ball).
  4. The outfielder should hit the cutoff and the catcher should call out where the cutoff should throw the ball.

Coaching Points:

  • The coach should make sure the cutoff is always hit. The catcher should be calling for the cutoff to cut the ball to third or home.
  • The catcher may elect not to have the ball cut at all. The coach should make sure the catcher is loud enough and giving the right instructions in time.
  • The coach should also make sure the base runner isn’t leaving too early and is running the bases correctly.

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