When kids first start playing, it is always a good idea to instruct to them the different [tag]bases[/tag] that are used.   We have all seen young kids playing [tag]baseball[/tag] run to a base other than the one they are supposed to.   Remember to keep things fun when running baseball [tag]drills[/tag] for little league teams.  

What you need (set up):   All you need for this drill is the attention of the kids you are coaching.   Baseball Drills for Little League

How this drill works:   Have the players follow you from base to base, starting with first base, and then in order (second, third, home).   Explain to the youngsters what happens after you hit the ball, and then where you go after first base, where to go after second, etc.   They [tag]learn[/tag] the bases.

It would be a good idea to go through this drill a couple of times per practice, and then at least once during midseason practices and beyond.   This will imbed that information in the kids and hopefully prevent any embarrassing moments of [tag]running[/tag] to the wrong base.

Results:   The kids will have a fundamental understanding of what happens during the baseball game when they hit the ball and when they have to run the bases.      

This is extremely important for kids to learn.   Once they understand the fundamentals of what they are supposed to do when they hit the ball, they get excited about running the bases.