This is just one of  many [tag]baseball drills for little league[/tag]. You can get fielders and runner involved in this one!Baseball Drills for Little League

What you need – Field a half infield (first, second and even shortstop), along with a pitcher, catcher and base runner.

How this drill works – It is important for the [tag]catcher[/tag] to learn a couple of basic skills – first to throw out a runner going to second, and also to hold runners (if need be) on the base they are at.

The catcher should be focused on making a good throw to the runner side of the base.   The ball should also come in low (this is something that can be worked on with the repetition of the [tag]drill[/tag]), and [tag]baseball[/tag] coaches should make sure that correct throwing (with the mask still on) is taking place.

Result – You can work base running drills along with this one, and it will teach your catcher to react in that situation.