This is a [tag]baseball[/tag] drill that was sent to me by one of my subscribers.   These are [tag]baseball drills for quick hands[/tag] that will liven up your practices. Try this out with your team tonight!Baseball Drills for Quick Hands

From Paul”¦
I use a [tag]baseball drill[/tag] that works infield, outfield, and relay all in one drill.

I break up the boys into two groups–infielders and outfielders.   I’ll have the outfielders in left field and the infielders at shortstop.

I start by hitting a ground ball to the infielder, who fields it and throws it home.   I then hit a fly ball to the leftfielder who catches the fly and hits his relay man(shortstop) who throws it home.   The shortstop is instructed to line himself up in a straight line from the outfielder to home plate.   The players rotate between both positions.

For added difficulty we run a lap around the field if we miss our cutoff man three times.