Robyn, one of my readers, came up with this great suggestion for [tag]baseball drills for youth[/tag]. Keep “˜em coming!Baseball Drills for Youth

From Robyn”¦
I have a [tag]baseball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] that my 10 year olds love to do. It’s the first thing that they ask to do when [tag]practice[/tag] starts; although, I use it as a reward at the end of practice. It’s a [tag]grounder[/tag]’s game that they LOVE.

You may have already heard about it but this is what I do:

-Split the team in half
-Use bats as the boundaries on each end (4 total – 2 each side)
-Space the bats about 20-30′ apart and they line up between the bats facing the other team so it’s 6 against 6
-Hard grounders are then exchanged between teams
-If the ball gets thru, that player is out
-This continues until one team (or both) is down to 1 player – then if the team with one player stops the thrown grounder from going thru, he can pull in another teammate…bumping the advantage of that team up to 2 players
-The first team to lose all the players, loses
-The teammates can back each other up as long as they don’t go behind the imaginary line between the bats – so the player can charge the ball and the team can back him up

The winning team gets to choose what the losing team does – laps or base sprints. They LOVE making this decision.