I received this suggestion on [tag]baseball drills for youth[/tag] from Maury in Canada.Baseball Drills for Youth

From Maury”¦
One of my favourite [tag]baseball drills[/tag] is the Bucket Drill.   It’s really easy and it teaches kids to hit a target.

You get one [tag]baseball[/tag] player to sit on a bucket; you can set the distance based on the age group.

Have a line of kids ready to receive grounders.
I tend to use cones for this one.
I’ll set up a pair of cones for the starting line and a pair of cones where I want the players to move to when they receive the grounder.
It instills moving to the ball instead of waiting for the ball to come to you.

Once the player receives the grounder he needs to make a throw to the person sitting on the bucket.
If you miss no point.
If the person needs to reach for the ball 1 point.
If you can hit the head or chest as a target and the player on the bucket does not need to move–5 points.

On a hot day I will reward a Slurpy to the top three.   It’s simple and easy and the kids like it.