This is one of the most effective [tag]baseball drills[/tag] I use to stop the steal during a game. This [tag]baseball drill[/tag] teaches right handed pitchers how to pick off a base runner that you know is going to steal from 1st to 2nd base.

This [tag]baseball[/tag] play works great if the catcher has a weak arm & can’t hit 2nd base quick.

  • Pitcher goes into his normal stretch wind up.
  • When he pauses to check runner on first, he then commits towards 3rd base with head.
  • If runner is going at that time, the pitcher turns around towards 2nd base & runs straight towards runner trying to steal either forcing him back towards 1st into a run down situation or 2nd for a run down situation.

9 times out of 10 the pitcher will actually be able to chase the runner down himself for the tag out or, if runner goes off of baseline, he is out anyways.

It works very well and is guaranteed that after you put the first 4 runners out with it, they won’t try to steal a base for the rest of the game.