Here’s one of our favorite [tag]baseball drills[/tag] that we use regularly. This [tag]baseball drill[/tag] works on proper fielding, throwing and [tag]baserunning[/tag] all at once.   We call it the “Star Game”.

One runner (with helmet) starting at home.
One fielder standing at each of the four bases.
The remainder of the [tag]baseball[/tag] team lines up at the SS position.

The [tag]baseball coach[/tag] hits a ground ball to the first player in line at SS.   The runner breaks for first on contact and circles the bases as fast as he can without stopping.   The SS fields the grounder and throws to first.   The player at first throw across the infield to third.   The player at third throws to second.   The player at second throws home.

The point is for the fielders to make solid throws to each base and get the ball to the catcher in time to make a play on the runner at the plate.   After the player fields a grounder at SS, he sprints to first, the player at first sprints to second and so on down the line.   The catcher then becomes the runner.   The runner grabs his glove and goes to the end of the line at SS.

We go through the drill long enough for each player to cycle through the drill twice.

Short form path of the ball — SS to 1B to 3B to 2B to C

While players are running the bases, an emphasis is placed on properly rounding off each base and making it around the diamond as quickly as they can.   If there is a close play at the plate, runners must slide to avoid a collision.

This baseball drill becomes ultra-competitive at our practices and acts as a great team builder as all five infielders must execute their portion of the drill properly in order to beat the runner at home.

Adaptations:   As your fielders improve and their throws become more accurate, they will have no problems getting the runner out at the plate.   Once this begins to happen, allow the runner to start from first giving your fielders 25% less time to get their throws in.   For exceptional fielders, allow your runner to take three to four step lead-off from first in order to put a little extra pressure on your fielders.