One of my [tag]baseball coaching[/tag] philosophies is that the better we play catch, the better we play baseball.   Here are [tag]baseball drills to improve throwing motion[/tag].   For me it is ALL about catching and throwing. Baseball Drills to Improve Throwing Motion

Stage 1: wrist flips
This isolates forearm and wrist/10ft/7-10 throws/throwing knee/point throwing side elbow to partner-shoulder height/raise forearm and release ball to partner with flip of wrist.

Stage 2: full arm motion
This isolates throwing arm, upper body and core/10ft/7-10 throws/throwing knee/point glove side shoulder towards partner/full range of motion and follow-thru/bring glove up towards chest.

Stage 3: no step catch
This isolates upper body, core, upper legs/30 ft/7-10 throws/hips & shoulders towards partners/front foot open with toes pointing to partner/back foot blocked off/ full range of motion and follow-thru/bring glove up towards chest.

Stage 4: regular catch
This is full throwing motion/30-60 ft/10-15 throws/proper mechanics/plant foot/move feet to ball.

Stage 5: long catch
Introduce crow hop/60-90 ft/10-15 throws/increase intensity of throws/proper mechanics/balance and accuracy/move feet to ball.

Stage 6: functional catch
Introduces specific fielding position for throwing motion/30 ft/10-15 throws/begin with [tag]baseball[/tag] in glove/get a good 4 seemed grip/proper mechanics.

Stage 7: quick catch
20 ft/10-15 throws/good footwork/catch on throwing side, turning glove shoulder to partner/quick exchange.