Jim sent in some suggestions for [tag]baseball fielding aids[/tag].   Here are the [tag]baseball[/tag] [tag]drills[/tag] he sent for [tag]infield[/tag] and [tag]outfield[/tag] [tag]conditioning[/tag].Baseball Fielding Aids

From Jim”¦
Infield Work While Conditioning
*Baseball players at 1B and 3B; a ball in the pitching circle and a player catching with a fungo hitter at the plate.
-Ground ball to third, throw to first.
-Player runs and picks up the ball in the circle, throws to first.
-Player then loops around second base to shortstop position, fields a ground ball and throws to first.
-Player then receives another ball at the shortstop position and throws home.
-Player then charges the plate as catcher rolls a bunt, which the [tag]fielder[/tag] throws to first base.

Outfield Work While Conditioning
Players in left field, second base (with a ball) and third base with a player catching and a fungo hitter at the plate.
-A ground ball is hit to the left fielder who throws it home.
-The left fielder runs into center field where the second baseman throws a fly ball.   The player catches the fly and throws to second.
-The player then runs into right field where the second baseman throws a ground ball toward the foul line.   The player fields the ball and throws to third base.