In this baseball fielding drill, we’re going to work on fielding the ball down the third base and first base lines. The ball is going to be considered “non-moving”, and we’re going to work on using the bare hand. It’s very important to practice fielding in this method from both the first and third base lines, and that you complete 5-10 repetitions on each side.

Set Up

1.   Place 3 balls on the ground down the 1st base and 3rd base side lines

2.   After simulating the pitch, the coach will tell the pitcher which line to run to

3.   The player must decide whether to use one or two hands to field the ball

4.   The player will set himself up appropriately to field the ball, clearing the line and making sure the shoulders are aligned

First Base Line Technique

The player will run over, and he can use two hands to grab the ball, and then step away from the line so that he is out of the runner’s path

If using the barehand, the player will plant hard with his throwing side foot

As the player goes to pick up the ball, he will first push the ball into the ground.

Pushing the ball into the ground will aid the player in trying to pick it up, instead of trying to make a swipe.

The player will pick up the ball, step back and make the throw

Third Base Line Technique

The player will run over and point their shoulders and feet towards first base in order to make an accurate throw.

Important Points

  • Always call for the ball. “Mine, Mine, Mine!”
  • Always communicate with the catcher so that both players don’t go for the ball, which can result in a collision
  • Take one preparation step before throwing
  • Be sure to move away from the line so the throw does not hit the runner
  • Place an extra player or coach on first base as a target
  • If you are a left handed pitcher, you will come in on the first base line and circle around the ball before squaring up to throw
  • If you are a left handed pitcher, you can come in on the third base line and either two-hand or barehand immediately from the third base line

Video Demonstration


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