These ideas for [tag]baseball drills[/tag] were sent in from Anthony and John, two of my subscribers. Give the [tag]baseball fielding drill[/tag] a try; you’ll see immediate improvements in your players.   John’s idea to reward effort made at [tag]baseball practice[/tag] is a winner!Baseball Fielding Drill

From Anthony…
This is a [tag]baseball drill[/tag] to develop soft hands for infielders, pitchers and catchers, but especially middle infielders and turning the double play.

A [tag]baseball coach[/tag] kneels on the infield grass with a bucket of baseballs in front of the shortstop and the shortstop has no glove. The rest of the infield is in position with gloves on. The [tag]baseball[/tag] coach will roll a ball to either the second base or third base side. The shortstop fields and then will say flip or toss to the 2nd or 3rd baseman who then completes the double play.

We use all the Double Play possibilities when working 1st base, 3rd base, catcher and pitcher as the start point.

From John…
One thing that my 9 and 10 year olds are enjoying is that the 2 best efforts given by my boys are allowed to be the captain for the 15 minute scrimmage at the end of practice that they can make longer if they choose.   The captains get to choose their teams and set their defense and batting order.   This has helped get a little extra focus from the boys.   They do realize that it isn’t always the best couple of kids, it is based on effort.