This idea for an [tag]indoor[/tag] [tag]baseball fielding drill[/tag] comes courtesy of one of my readers, Jason.   This is a great indoor [tag]drill[/tag] to use to get ready for next season.   Give it a try!Baseball Fielding Drill

From Jason”¦
Drill– “Think Ahead”
We use this as a   baseball [tag]conditioning[/tag] drill, but it also makes you think ahead of where the ball is coming from and what am I suppose to do with it when I get it, like you want your players to do in a game.

Divide the players up into 4 corners.   Start with 2 balls in opposite corners.
Rule of thumb is: “if you [tag]catch[/tag] it in the air you roll it on the ground,   if you catch it on the ground you [tag]throw[/tag] it in the air”.

First two guys roll the ball across the gym and follow their ball ([tag]sprint[/tag]).   YOU ALWAYS FOLLOW YOUR THROW.
Next 2 guys in line will [tag]field[/tag] the ball and throw in the air to the left and follow their throw.
Next 2 guys catch the ball in the air and roll it on the ground across the gym and follow their throw.

This is repeated until you can get 15-20 throws with out a mistake.