Take a look at this submission from Dale, one of my subscribers.   A great suggestion for [tag]baseball fielding drills[/tag] that can work with all age groups.Baseball Fielding Drills

One of the best fielding [tag]baseball drills[/tag] we do is start by having two “posts” about 10-12 feet apart.

The fielder stands in the middle of these posts and acts as a goalie as the [tag]baseball coach[/tag] (or another player if they can hit fairly accurately) hits [tag]baseball[/tag]s at them having the players do whatever it takes to not let the ball pass them.

We usually do this as a competition between the players and they seem to respond well and their fielding improves greatly.

There are ways to expand upon it – move the posts wider apart and use it as a diving drill or have two sets of posts approx 15 feet in front of each other and have the players work in pairs – one as a back up – very fun.