These are a couple of my favorite [tag]baseball fielding drills[/tag].   They work best with your younger players but can be used with all ages.

The first [tag]baseball[/tag] drill that really helps my outfielders (& infielders) is a drill I do right behind second base.     I put a 55 gallon bucket at home plate, and I take a bucket of balls deep behind 2nd and simulate a runner tagging up from third base.   I toss the baseball like a flyout and have the fielder catch the ball and fire home to nail the runner at the plate.

By using a 55 gallon receptacle as a target it really works on throwing accuracy and my little leaguers love it because it’s fun to do.

Here is an infield drill I use to practice getting the glove out in front of you while fielding grounders.   Put the bill of the hat in your mouth and it blocks your vision while trying to field with out your glove extended.

Proper fielding is when your arms are extended well in front of the body.   Leaves little room to react to a ground ball if you are not extended.   The hat blocks their vision and forces the players hands farther out in front of their body.