I got these [tag]baseball fielding drills[/tag] from a friend.   The purpose of this [tag]baseball drill[/tag] is to teach players to attack fly balls, evaluate the trajectory and get under the [tag]baseball[/tag].
Baseball Fielding Drills
-Two coaches
-Bucket of tennis balls
-Tennis racket
-A batting or bike helmet for each child
-Two cones

-One [tag]baseball coach[/tag] on the infield or home plate (the hitter)
-One coach at SS (the praiser)
-Set one cone in deep outfield and one in LF position
-The kids line up at the deep outfield cone
-The fielder (one at a time) lines up at the LF position cone

The Drill:
-A player moves into the LF position
-The hitter hits a tennis ball in to the air (the [tag]fly ball[/tag])
-The fielder moves from his position in LF to get under the ball and hit it with the top of his/her helmet
-The praiser gives recognition for and keeps it fun with a bunch of “OHs, YAHs, WAY to GOs!”
-The player goes to the back of the line and another player moves into the LF position.

Give this a try.   After some time, you bring the glove into the mix.   And, most importantly, it “Makes baseball fun!”