I got the inspiration for this [tag]baseball coaching[/tag] tip from Joe, one of my subscribers. It includes some fresh ideas on [tag]baseball fielding drills[/tag]. Try it out and let me know what you think!Baseball Fielding Drills

From Joe”¦
This is a [tag]baseball drill[/tag] I use to get all my players to try out the infield positions:

Have a player at each infield position. The rest of the players line up down the third base line (hopefully not too many). Put an empty bucket in foul territory by third base.

I hit a ground ball to the shortstop and he turns two. The first baseman then makes the throw across the diamond to the third baseman. The third baseman must straddle the bag and make the “V” tag. He tosses the [tag]baseball[/tag] into the bucket at third and hustles to short. The shortstop moves to second and the second baseman goes to first. The first baseman jogs behind the backstop and goes to the end of the line at third.

We make a game of it to see how many times we can be perfect. It gives everyone a taste of each position. We also can switch up how starts the double play (second to short, or first to second to first then the throw to third). Start slow and emphasize proper technique for each position.