Here are a couple of simple, quick [tag]baseball fielding drills[/tag] that will make your practices fun and hold the interest of your players.   You’ll find your players asking for these and you’ll be amazed at the increase in fielding skills–the core reason for the [tag]baseball drills[/tag]!

Roll and Catch
Catching [tag]baseball drill[/tag] for instruction league
1- Have kids stand about 15 feet from the [tag]baseball[/tag] coach
2- Coach will ask kid run about 5 feet and then drop the ground and “roll” over
3- As kid completes roll, he stands back on feet
4- At the point the kid returns to his feet, the coach throws him the baseball. Coach can throw in advance of the player in full standing position, so he can anticipate and react in an unbalanced situation.
5- Repeat drill

The other tip is for infield practice.   Before infield practice I have the infield throw the ball around.   Catcher throws to third, third to second, second to short, short to first, and first to home.   I have them repeat this 3 times.   I find that it helps fire the kids up and gets them ready to play!