Coming up with new ideas for a [tag]baseball fielding practice drill[/tag] can sometimes be a challenge. Here are two [tag]outfield[/tag] [tag]baseball[/tag] [tag]drills[/tag] that work well.Baseball Fielding Practice Drill

From David”¦
Here is an [tag]outfielder drill[/tag] we call “Quarterback”. Our players love this [tag]drill[/tag] as it challenges them to make a difficult [tag]catch[/tag]!

Drill Purpose: Teaching [tag]outfielder[/tag] to spot and react to fly ball (6 reps each fielder)
Equipment needed: Baseball, glove

Have outfielder lineup on foul line facing away from [tag]coach[/tag]
Outfielder will sprint out about 15 yards
Coach will throw baseball over right or left shoulders about 10 yards in front of the fielder
Once ball is in the air, coach will call “UP”, left or right

From Stephanie”¦
Playing ‘hot potato’ with your outfielders….teaches them to think fast and get the ball, but to get rid of it quickly.