This is one of the [tag]baseball fielding practice drills[/tag] I received from one of my readers, Jose.   Try this [tag]baseball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] with your team tonight!Baseball Fielding Practice Drills

From Jose”¦
The other day I noticed that some of the kids on my [tag]team[/tag] were rushing so much to make a [tag]throw[/tag] that they were not setting their feet, therefore the throw would be offline. I did something very simple.

I placed three sets of cones out in the [tag]field[/tag]. I staggered them so that the kids had to run from one point to the other and get into position to field the ball cleanly.

I had a net set up with the [tag]pitching[/tag] target on it so that the kids had a smaller area to aim for.   I rolled the ball to the first position once they [tag]fielded[/tag] the ball, set and made good throw they would move on.

I didn’t think they would pick it up so quickly but they did. The first round through, only a few made one of the balls in the strike net, but in the second round all of them made at least 2 of 3.

It seemed to work well.