Coming up with new ideas for [tag]baseball fielding tips[/tag] can sometimes be a challenge. Here are a couple of [tag]baseball[/tag] [tag]drills[/tag] that Brian and Joe sent to me which work well with your youth teams.Baseball Fielding Tips

From Brian”¦
One of my favorite baseball drills is something we call “field, flip, and fly”.
I picked it up somewhere but I don’t remember where. Anyway the [tag]coach[/tag] hits a ground ball to the [tag]short stop[/tag] who makes a [tag]double play[/tag] flip to second base. The second baseman then, instead of throwing to first to complete the double play, throws the short stop a pop up.

He varies the [tag]pop up[/tag] from behind third base to short centerfield and so on.

I like it because it moves fast and works at least three different skills.

From Joe”¦
When first teaching a youth the proper mechanics of [tag]sliding[/tag] into a base – I start them by using a grass hill. It doesn’t have to be a big hill – just a grass incline of at least ten – twenty feet in length.

By using a grass hill – both gravity and momentum will work in their favor as they work on the proper fundamentals of the slide.