I got the inspiration for this [tag]baseball coaching tip[/tag] from one of my readers.   It includes some fresh ideas for [tag]baseball fundamental drills[/tag].   Try it out and let me know what you think!Baseball Fundamental Drills

From Bob”¦
Here’s a [tag]baseball drill[/tag] we use with our Elite Junior Team (19-20-21 year olds).

Cut “2” Rundown Drill
Defense at – 1st, 2nd, SS, Pitcher, and all outfielders in right field.
Runners 30′ up the first base line and on 2nd. [tag]Baseball coach[/tag] with fungo between mound and the line hits ground ball to the RF- Runner at 2 attempts to score while batter/runner goes for second. OF hits 1st baseman in cut position who relays to SS at 2nd to initiate a rundown. Batter runner then becomes 2nd base runner while runner who scores goes to the back of the runners’ line.   Continue until all outfielders have had three reps then move to left field and repeat.

This is a great combination drill that combines many different [tag]baseball[/tag] skills with a solid conditioning element.